Houston we got a problem with Hurricane Irma

Every now and then natural disaster hits. During the last major hurricane in the Florida area many schools and homes were destroyed. Hurricane Katrina caused over $500 million of damage in the Florida area. Now Katrina is more or less equal to Irma in strength. experts predict winds of up to if not higher than 185 MPH winds hitting Florida dead on. Many residents are trying to evacuate Florida and the Caribbean as we speak. From Miami to Orlando it will or possibly already is bumper to bumper traffic. There is little flights out of the predicted affected hurricane region. Flight prices have skyrocketed more than 100%. The majority of gas stations have ran out of gas completely. The gas stations that still have anything left to sell are swarmed with large lines with anywhere from small lines of 6-7 cars to lines stretching to over 15-20 cars. In order to even find gas it requires several miles of driving away from the place people are hunkering down in. Sometimes people are discouraged after seeing empty gas station after empty gas station after hours of searching. People will lose their lives and property. The property is less important than the people themselves. There is a saying that goes the best way to mitigate a bad situation is by being proactive. We need medication, food,water,batteries, generators,hand crank radios. Any equipment or objects that can be used to barricade windows( if hurricane windows and shutters are lacking) can be useful too. This items include but aren’t limited to large furniture (that’s worn out), screws nails and wood. A special message to those who possess the qualifications to operate a ham radio license. There will be ham radio operators communicating updates and developments of the hurricane. We need operators not affected by the hurricane to communicate those details to the outside world. In addition amateur ham radio operators will be very useful for the relief effort.    It is still possible to get supplies and donations into Florida via train. There is still a few days till the Hurricane actually hits.

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