Japanese government publishes data on cryptanalytic offenses

In the first seven months of 2017, 33 cases of fraud related to cryptanalysts have occurred in Japan. This is what the government announces – and goes to the financial damages of the cases.

“According to information from Nikkei and The Yomiuri Shimbun, the National Policy Agency (NPA) reported a sum of 76.5 million yen. This equates to approximately 590,000 euros. The data are from the period from January to July, but towards the end, the fraudulent have increased. This marks a generally rising trend which corresponds to that of the crypto-currency market. In July alone, 17.3 of the 76.5 million yen were involved in criminal activities.”

What cryptic threats are particularly affected?

The cases of fraud can also be classified according to cryptic methods:

Ripple: 29.6 million yen

Bitcoin: 29.3 million yen

Ethereum: 200.000 yen

NEM: 100.000 yen

It is surprising that the level of damage does not seem to correlate directly with market capitalization. While Ripple is almost on Bitcoin with Bitcoin, the Ethereum damage sums are relatively low. Although data on Japan is of limited value for global development, it is to be expected that there will also be an international correlation between the rising trend between the cryptic market and the related crime. Finally, the growing market also gains in interest from attackers.


~ Written by happy_c0der from The V Server

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