Bitcoin Marketplace OpenBazaar integrates gate

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The OpenBazaar open source marketplace team has released the beta version for the upcoming 2.0 release.

The beta version of the OpenBazaar was released this weekend and offers some new features. The integration of the well-known gate network (The Onion Router) which is most likely to allow anonymous surfing on the internet, is the most prominent feature. This anonymity is now also to be used for the marketplace OpenBazaar, whereby updates are intended to keep the speed of the website still high.

OpenBazaar aims to further decentralization of the online trade – one reason why the marketplace flows on 50+ cryptocurrencies and pays revenue in the form of Bitcoin.

The new version has been built on the InterPlanetary File System, a protocol for decentralized data storage. This means that listed articles can be reuploaded by other users. Online orders can be issued even if the store is not connected to the internet.

Although goods can be purchased with Bitcoin, the team points out there are still some bugs to fix and it is possible, the fees are set too high.

~ Written by happy_c0der from The V Server

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