Blockchain Conference in Malta: Will the Island Become a New Blockchain Hotspot?

The Mediterranean Sea Malta is increasingly becoming an ideal destination for bitcoin and crypto fans. After the country had already noticed in the past through its friendly attitude to cryptorries and the adaptation of the blockchain had pushed forward, now a new level of bitcoin use is striven for.

The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will take place for the first time in Malta on the 7th of December in the wake of the opening up of the country for cryosuspension and blockchain technology. The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta is one of a series of events on Blockblain and Bitcoin theme blocks hosted by Smile-Expo in the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden and other countries. BTC-ECHO accompanies the event and will also be present on the spot with reports on the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference.

The event is for all those who would like to invest in crypto sciences or simply have a general interest in the blockchain technology. Participants include entrepreneurs, consultants, and programmers who are active in the blockchain and crypto area.

In addition, the event will be attended by representatives of the Maltese government. For example, the opening speech will be held by Silvio Schembri, secretary of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Malta.

Last week it had already been reported that Malta’s government, or more precisely the Ministry of Education and Labor, is working on a blockchain prototype to record records. In this way, both data should be stored securely and services reliably detected.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has repeatedly emphasized the importance of digital currencies and has expressed the urge to try out applications at the state and EU level. However, it is necessary for both businessmen and state dignitaries to learn more about the technology. This is why SmileExpo organizes the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in St. Julian’s in December.

Over the last two months, the island state has also continued to work on the development of a long-term national blockchain strategy. This is intended to highlight the use of the potential of blockchain technology for public use. In addition, a new legal framework is to be set up to further develop the country of Malta towards a blockchain ecosystem.


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