Introduction to the Minds Button Generator

The Minds Button Generator is a free to use button generator created by @saz  By courtesy of it is hosted at the url above.

How it works:

  1. Go to the generator and click on the checkbox next to your preferred button
  2. Put in the required information.
  3. The first block of code is the HTML. Place it were you want the button to appear.
  4. The second block is the CSS. Place it anywhere in a css stylesheet or in a <style> Be sure it’s on all the pages the HTML code is on!

Can i use my own button?

Sure! Feel free to edit the code as much as you’d like. Please give credit to @saz And link back to the button generator if you share your modification! If you’d like to add a button to the generator, contact me by one of the methods listed below.


Questions and Bug Reports:

Submit questions and bug reports to the Cerberusbyte contact form, Saz’s email (listed below), or on Minds

saz [at] cerberusbyte [dot] com

Questions are usually answered within 3-4 business days. We cannot guarantee anything. Cerberusbyte, Saz, and the button are not affiliated with the staff or Ottman.



The button does not work in Tor.

The button will only work if Javascript is enabled.

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