Youtube removes RT from Premium Youtube Advertising

The American based company YouTube, which is owned by Google, has removed RT (formerly Russia Today) from it’s premium advertising program, in a surprising and unprecedented move against freedom of press.

Since 2010 Google had placed RT as a part of its premium list of channels for marketing agents called Google Preferred, RT’s removal came without warning and was first discovered and reported by Bloomberg, citing Alphabet Incs CEO (Googles parent company) as the source.

This follows the U.S. Gov’t and medias, continued harassment of Russian news since the alleged Russian hacking and leaks of the DNC in September of  2016.

RT is a state owned news entity, and is partially funded by the Russian Gov’t, similar to Americas NPR and it’s member stations. Nevertheless, according to RT America, the US Department of Justice sent a letter in September of 2017, demanding that they register as a foreign agent under the FARA. (Foreign Agents Registration Act) Such registration would violate employee privacy of the US based branch, due to conditions which require companies registered under the FARA to disclose personal information on their employees.

YouTube has been accused of bias many times in the past and has often gained mass media attention, yet, unsurprisingly, with the exception of Bloomberg, no major western networks have reported on, or spoken against YouTubes actions as of 11/10/17.

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