Three common software & websites that track or sell your data

In an age were consumers have become the product, user data has often been, collected, stored and sold with and without consent. In this article we’ll go over which software does this and how to avoid it.

Windows 10:

Do you remember choosing your privacy settings when installing Windows 10? Chances are your probably don’t and left the default settings unchanged. Doing so gives Windows permission to store and use your search history for advertising. As long as Windows saves your search history on their servers, hackers and requesting Gov’ts can access that data.

How can i change this?

From the start menu click Settings > Privacy > General.
Or click here



Operas VPN is useful, but it may come as a surprise that, of the major browsers Opera most likely stores the most data. Although Opera has stated that collected data is used responsibly, and is not used for advertising purposes, it does not negate the fact that it is collected.

“What data do we collect?” “The information we collect may include: personal data, for example your name, email, IP-address, location; and non-personal technical data, for example who manufactured your device, your screen’s resolution, your mobile operator’s region and code. A complete list of the data we collect and purpose of collection may vary between our products and services. You can find detailed descriptions in the product/service-related sections below.”

How can I change this?

You cannot. However other browsers may be better alternatives such as Firefox. Firefox shares a small amount of data with it’s non-profit parent organization, Mozilla. The data shared is non identifiable and can be disabled in the settings.



Google tracks users that visit websites with Adsense, and Google searches. The data is used for advertising and is stored and connect to your account and IP on Google servers.


How can I change this?

To avoid Google search tracking use an alternative search engine such as DuckDuckGo. Unfortunately, DuckDuckGo is not available as one of the default Chrome search engines available in the settings. To change the default browser to DuckDuckGo on Chrome, use the DuckDuckGo for Chrome extension.

Preventing tracking on websites with Adsense is just as easy. Adblocking software or web extensions that block web trackers such as Ghosterly will protect your privacy online.


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