Chrome & Opera collect your data, here is what you can do about it

Both Opera and Chrome collect various information from it’s users. For example Operas Privacy Statement states,

“What data do we collect?” “The information we collect may include: personal data, for example your name, email, IP-address, location; and non-personal technical data, for example who manufactured your device, your screen’s resolution, your mobile operator’s region and code. A complete list of the data we collect and purpose of collection may vary between our products and services. You can find detailed descriptions in the product/service-related sections below.”

Luckily there are several alternative browsers that respect user privacy, and may have more features than both Chrome and Opera.

Brave Browser:

The Brave Browser does not collect any information on it’s users, anonymous or personal and no browser history is stored in the the cloud. Brave is based on Chromium, an open source project which Chrome was also based off of. Due to this Brave has nearly all the features Chrome has. Additionally, Brave has tracking protection and adblock installed and enabled by default. Fingerprinting protection and script blocking can also be enabled easily by clicking on the Brave logo on the top right corner of the browser and selecting it under Advanced Controls. Brave desktop also claims to load two times faster than Chrome and Safari on major news websites.


  • Faster speeds
  • Open source
  • Fingerprint protection
  • Most Chrome features
  • Micro payment option built in.
  • HTTPS everywhere enabled by default
  • Adblocking and tracking protection by default
  • Available on Windows, iOS, Android, and major Linux platforms.


  • Limited customizability
  • Limited language support
  • Not compatible with Chrome extensions by default. The Brave extension store only contains nine extensions at this time. (16/11/17)



Epic Privacy Browser Logo


Epic Privacy Browser:

Similarly to Brave, the Epic Privacy Browser does not collect personal info. Epic automatically blocks scripts, advertisements, and has advanced tracking protection. Out of all browsers listed Epic likely has the most advanced tracking protection. This additionally increases loading speed significantly. Similarly to Opera, Epic has a built in free and encrypted proxy.


  • Open source
  • Built in free and encrypted proxy
  • Fingerprinting protection enabled by default
  • Advanced tracking protection enabled by default



New Firefox Browser Logo









Although Firefox has faced scrutiny recently for it’s anonymous data collection, which was used for purposes of creating the New Firefox Browser. This data collection can easily be disabled in the Firefox settings, and, unlike Chrome & Opera, Firefox has been built with privacy and security in mind. Due to the open source nature of the Firefox Browser, Firefox can legally be modified and customized to one’s needs. Unfortunately, and unlike Brave & Epic, Firefox does not enable tracking protection off of private windows by default and if you did not disable the option to allow Firefox to collect anonymous data, it mus be changed in the settings.

To do so, click the hamburger button on the top right corner of the Firefox Browser.

Then, click preferences, and Privacy & Security afterwards.

Scroll to tracking protection and select “Always”, then scroll to Firefox Data Collection and Use and deselect everything.

Firefox automatically saves changes to the settings.

Firefox does not have adblocking or a built in proxy by default, so, Firefox may not be the best browser for privacy unless you’re willing to install extensions. However, Firefox does have a much larger following and has more developers at it’s disposal, if any security issue or breach occurs in the future Firefox is more likely to have it patched before Brave and Epic.


  • Open source
  • High customizability
  • Faster user support
  • More support and developers


  • No built in vpn
  • No fingerprint protection
  • No adblocking, or HTTPS everywhere
  • Tracking protection not enabled by default

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