How to get a non English keyboard on Mint, Windows & Android

Linux Mint:

Changing the system language:

First, Open System settings.

Open ‘languages’ under preferences.


Select install / remove languages

The page you land on should be called ‘Install / Remove languages’ In the bottom left corner, click ‘Add…’

Select your language of choice and click install. There may be more than one. We won’t be going one by one on which to install for each language in this tutorial. However, it usually does no harm to install multiple.


When you have returned to the ‘Install / Remove window’ be sure that the new language pack you installed does indeed say ‘Fully installed’. If not, select it, and click ‘Install language packs’ at the bottom of the window.


After that you may change the language of your Linux Mint device on the language window.



Note: It does not work for Japanese, and may not work for others that do not use latin characters. I also use a theme in this tutorial. Your operating system may look slightly different. The instructions are the same.

Under the Hardware section of System Settings, select Keyboard.Layout Screenshot

On the top right of the window select Layouts.

Next, select the plus icon near the bottom left section of the window.


Select your language of choice, then add it.

Restart your device.

In the bottom right corner of your screen you should now see a flag.

Select it, and you should see the new keyboard software you have added.


Install the application GBoard from the Google Play Store, once the install has completed open the app and follow the steps to activate the keyboard. These may be different depending on the version of your Android device.

Go to any search or text area so your new keyboard opens, then, click the Google G logo in the top left side of the keyboard.

Then, click the three dots on the top right side of your keyboard.GBoard settings image



Click the settings button on the right side.

GBoard settings image


The following windows may look different depending on your device and Android OS version but the process should be the same. The next page should look similar to the following.

The Languages text is a button. Click it.


Finally, click ‘Add keyboard’ and select your keyboard of preference. The keyboard should automatically and instantly be available.


Globe icon

To switch between languages, click the globe icon while the GBoard is open, or hold down the space bar.



Windows, unfortunately, has a different way of changing the keyboard language software in each version of their operating system. To keep this article a reasonable length, we’ll share articles to websites with instructions for each Windows operating system.

Windows 7 and 8:

Windows 10:


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